Gideon V. Wainwright, the 1963 U.S Supreme Court decision guaranteed Defendants representation by an Attorney if they could not afford one.

It certainly did not guarantee an “Open checkbook” that compares to Law Enforcement and Prosecutors budgets for  experts and funds to pay for the hours and hours needed to properly Investigate, Research and defend their clients. 

The majority of Public Defenders are overwhelmed by the number of cases they are appointed. Overworked by the number, not the individual cases. Some only spending minutes with defendants, then advising on decisions that will impact their lives forever. 

Defendants sit in jail waiting for information, waiting for magic words that will get them back to their families. Words that will correct all the misstatements, false accusations and rumors. Words that will redeem them. 

Waiting for a phone call, a letter or an Attorney visit, a visit that will give them hope. Their children unaware of the destruction, the hate, the lies and corruption that keeps them from seeing, hugging and loving their fathers or mother. Or keeping mothers and fathers from their children. Helpless as they watch their child carted away in shackles. 

Sitting in a cell with no windows, with nothing but their thoughts, always thinking the worst. A vision of loved ones they may never see again. Having little if any hope. Pain from anxiety, pain from the tough of no tomorrow. Pain from the hopeless and helpless feeling associated with the loss of loved ones. 

– “An Emotional Roller Coaster” –

The United States Constitution, your States Constitution, the Bail Reform Act and other symbolic pieces of paper mean very little !

Hundreds of years, Legal and Physical battles and thousands of hours of legal arguments come down to one word: ” Discretion” – Better yet ” Judges Discretion” – Their family, dependents, career, business, livelihood and past ” Do not matter.” Only instantiated accusations and lies matter now.

Hours turn into days, days into years, years into a lifetime. Furthering the punishment of the less fortunate, less educated, and those wronged by the very system created to be ” Equal to All”. A system that has sanctioned the Victimization of those caught in a truly unjust system. 

Motions, arguments, laws, codes and statues come down to “Interpolation”, far from the actual meaning when they were created. Term like ” Harmless error” and ” Good Faith-Exception” Validate mistakes or Corruption by Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, even Judges at times. The very people who have ” Solely Sworn” to uphold ” OUR” Constitution. 

Intimidation, ” Off the record deals” and pleas negotiated by wolves and wolves in ” Shepherds” clothing. Negotiating ” Deals” as if Defendants were cattle not Americans protected by a Constitution. 

The U.S. Criminal Justice System has not ” Evolved”, in fact the opposite, it has recessed and imploded.


Each Defendant should have access to a Legal Advocate and Law Library. They would be far better served then being represented by an Attorney who has had little to me no time to “Represent” their ” Client”. 

An Advocate who truly believes and cares about citizens rights, an advocate who thinks of the Defendants as a ” Human Being”, not just a number. An advocate who has compassion, an advocate who knows, ” What Affects One, Can affect All” !

Giving this access, coupled with Qualified counsel would not only benefit the Defendant, but “Our system as a whole.” 

Unfortunately, Defendants after Defendants get worn down to a level that they feel they must ” Take a Deal”, give up and become only a faint memory to their families and other loved ones. 

Appeasing societies need for vengeance. A system that ” Warehouses” the condemned and measures debt to society by ” Calendar year Justice”.

We have to give the tools needed for the representation afforded to each and every American by our Constitutions.  We have to embrace and make funds available for the unselfish and dedicated, for those that give us faith and hope !


The term "The thin Blue Line", originated in the United Kingdom to commemorate fallen officers and symbolize Law enforcement as "Protectors of Civilians" and "Camaraderie of Police Officers" during situations of unrest. Later used in a 1965 Film title; "The Thin Blue Line", a movie about problems that police deal with, and again in 1988 after a documentary about a murdered Dallas Police Officer.

The majority of the general public and Law enforcement officers have no clue where and why the term was created, only knowing it has something to do with Law enforcement and the "Brotherhood".

Most believe this " Line" is that separated "The good from the bad", the "Good" protected against the "Bad" society has to offer.

Now we have the "Silver" for corrections, the "Gold" for dispatch, the "Red" for fire and more. In theory this sound good, in reality, for the most part the terms and products that are most to create bonds and represent the "Thin Line" are a farce, only creating divide, distrust and a false "Brotherhood" of sorts.

Like the Armor and Shields of old that represented the protectors and the select few who truly knew what it mean to be apart of an honorable and courageous pro

"The Thin Line" has become more of a business created to generate funds to support causes, some helping these in need and others to only take advantage of bad situations on promote bonds that really do not exist.

Like a  "Line in the sand", on occasion" The Thin Line" seams to " Fade away" when the weather gets to rough. Those who should stand together, stand fast, and stay true to the bond or brotherhood. Forget the oath they swore to uphold. They forget about the Families, Loved ones and Brothers and Sisters that have been wronged in many different ways. 

The only bond being between a "Brother" or "Sister" and a pay check.

OTHERS NEVER forget this OATH.

The meanings and reasons why they choose "Service to others". !they so what is right, no mater what! No matter what their job, title on status maybe. 

They stand true to the obligations to ALWAYS do what is right, ALWAYS! They stand true to:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the UNITED STATES. That I will faithfully discharge all the duties of the Office of (said OFFICE), according to he best of my ability.

Honor, Truth, Courage and Integity are not things that automatic come with the Uniform, Badge or Certification. 

They come with the Fulfillment of YOUR OATH, not the cashing on your pay check.

Being true to the Constitution you swore to uphold at all times, not picking and choosing when or with who.


That is the meaning of "The Thin Blue Line"



By J. T


By J. T

" We The people of The UNITED STATES, in order to form a more perfect UNION, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote The general welfare, and secure The blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA"

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"Inspire others ,focus and your life will have impact"

Surrounded by negative , hateful and oppressive conditions, I came to the realization that I needed to not let those surroundings control my life.
I have to change my way of thinking. I have to be the person I know I have always been, the person I was before incarceration.
I need to be part of the positive change not part of the hate cycle. I have to stop listening to others who place "labels" on everyone.
You have to find clarity and your passion in life. No matter the amount of hate, choose to be positive and use life experiences to help others.
Listen to what I've always told others and ask the same questions:
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